Cocktails & Spirits

Sangria 8/26
classic, raspberry, spiced
blood orange, fresh berry, honey & mint, skinny
Sparkling Infusions
elderflower, raspberry, pama, violet, peach, pear
almost Famous…
classic Manhattan with a BR twist
Moonshine Punch
Cranberry Shine, cinnamon whiskey, amaretto, black walnut bitters and pom juice. Cousin Billy Joe-Bob strikes again…served in a mason jar with moonshine cranberries.
You Talkin’ to Me?
6100 vodka is shaken with fresh pear, sage & ginger liqueur served up and topped with sparkling wine. Whether you’re a Taxi Driver, a Goodfella, an Intern or a Focker you’ll be sure to enjoy.
Winter Lemonade
A heated mixture of tea-infused Bulleit Bourbon mixed with Barenjager honey liqueur, and fresh lemon juice. Served in a snifter with cinnamon bark.
Prohibition Pig
Bacon infused Heaven Hill Bourbon with apple cider and maple syrup. This drink is the proof that everything is better with bacon. Served on the rocks with candied bacon.
A winter Dutch mule inspired by an amazing snow day we had in town last year! Ketel One Citros, Lillet Rouge, winterberries and ginger beer are mixed and served on the rocks in a proper copper mug.
Abuela’s coquito family recipe turned into a sophisticated cocktail. Vanilla, dark rum, amaretto and Rumchata are mixed with some secret ingredients. Served over ice with shaved cinnamon.
Pimm’s No. 1 Punch
is our take on a British staple. Smashed seasonal berries & lemon shaken with Pimm’s No.1 & Kettle Citroen, topped with ginger beer.
Ingredients are taken from along the ancient spice route and combined to make a complex yet refreshing drink. Opihr gin, tamarind, black tea, lychee and lime. Served on the rocks.
Second Street Sour
Crown Royal, Crown Maple and Crown Vanilla are seriously shaken with a homemade classic egg white sour mix. This light and frothy cocktail is then topped with a few dashes of angostura bitters.
Oaxacan Sunset
A little smoke, a little sweet and a little heat make this the ideal beverage to relax with and imagine being on a beach on the coast of
southern Mexico. Mescal, agave, grapefruit and Sriracha are vigorously shaken and served on the rocks.