Cocktails & Spirits

Sangria 8/26
classic, raspberry, spiced
blood orange, fresh berry, honey & mint, skinny
Sparkling Infusions
elderflower, raspberry, pama, violet, peach, pear
almost Famous…
classic Manhattan with a BR twist
Moonshine Punch
cousin Billy Joe-Bob sent us some of his homemade firewater so we blended it with strawberries & blonde ale. Served just right in mason jars.
Ruby Ruby
a summertime favorite! Deep Eddy grapefruit vodka, St. Germain, acai liquor, agave & lemon. Served up with a sugar coated citrus wedge.
Pimm’s No. 1 Punch
our take on a British staple. Smashed cucumber, lemon & berries shaken with Pimm’s No.1 & Kettle Citroen vodka then topped with ginger beer.
El Chupacabra
hide your children and pets Hoboken. Mescal, grilled pineapple, jalapeno and mango create a smoky, sweet and spicy cocktail named after the mythical monster himself. Finished with a spritz of Cynar and cilantro mist, served on the rocks.
Peach Southern Tea
from Kentucky with love… Tea infused Makers Mark, Deep Eddy Peach Vodka, honey liquor with muddled mint & lemon. Served southern style.
2nd Street Mule
Who doesn’t like a good mule? Ours uses Ketel One Oranje, strawberry, lime and ginger beer. You can’t have just one! Served in a proper copper mug and topped with fresh herbs.
Prohibition Pig
Bacon infused bourbon shaken with apple cider & maple syrup. This drink is the proof that everything is better with bacon. Served on the rocks with candied bacon.
Sippin’ on Gin and Mousse
Brockman’s Gin, pamplemousse, rose and citrus juice make this the perfect summer sipper. We add a few bubbles then garnish it with a cucumber slice and pinch of sea salt.
What Da Voodoo Do Do
this cocktail will have you dancing.
El Dorado 3 year rum, passion fruit puree, banana du bresil, lime, creole bitters & brandied cherry juice. Served on the rocks with a lime & cherry skewer.
Tequila Sundown
this cocktail will have you dancing.
why wait till sunrise? Tres Gen Anejo, Deep Eddy orange vodka & a bottom layer of Crème de Cassis. Served over crushed ice.