Cocktails & Spirits

Sangria 8/26
classic, raspberry, spiced
blood orange, fresh berry, honey & mint, skinny
Sparkling Infusions
elderflower, raspberry, pama, violet, peach, pear
almost Famous…
classic Manhattan with a BR twist
Pimm’s No. 1 Punch
our take on a British staple. Smashed cucumber, lemon & berries shaken with Pimm’s No.1 & Kettle Citroen vodka then topped with ginger beer.
Moonshine Sangria
Cranberry Shine, Ciontreau, Peach Schnaaps & Merlot. Cousin Billy Joe-Bob strikes again…served in a mason jar with moonshine cranberries.
Pretty in Pink
Tito’s vodka shaken with Soho lychee liqueur, Matilde Frambiose, Amaretto, lemon juice & topped with a splash of sparkling. When you want to feel pretty & fancy at the same time.
Hot Winter Lemonade
A heated mixture of tea-infused Bulleit Bourbon mixed with Barenjager honey liqueur, and fresh lemon juice. Served in a glass mug with cinnamon bark.
Prohibition Pig
Bacon infused Heaven Hill Bourbon with apple cider and maple syrup. This drink is the proof that everything is better with bacon. Served on the rocks with candied bacon.
Spiced Fig & Pear Mule
a fall concoction to get you in the mood! Grey Goose Poire, fig jam, Matilde poire & ginger beer are mixed and served on the rocks in a proper copper mug.
Cinnamon Toast Punch
When dessert is all you care about! Spiced rum, cinnamon whiskey, Frangelico and Rumchata. Served over ice with a maraschino cherry.
Smoke Show
a touch of spice, sweetness and smoke makes everything better! Buho mezcal, St. Germain, Montenegro Amaro, lime juice & egg whites shaken for a frothy experience. Sprinkled with chili powder.
Ingredients are taken from along the ancient spice route and combined to make a complex yet refreshing drink. Opihr gin, tamarind, black tea, lychee and lime. Served on the rocks.
Sidra de Manzana…
Making apple cider more fun… Tres Gen Anejo, apple monin & fresh citrus juice. Topped with bubbly & served in a wine glass with apple cubes. Because tequila makes everything more fun!