Dessert Menu

Salva Cremasco
Creamy to a crumbly center. Tart notes balanced out by earthier tones. Made from raw cow’s milk.Lombardia, Italy



vanilla or chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce
BR Cheesecake
blueberry compote
Tres Leches Cake
sweet cream and strawberries
Chocolate Mousse
Banana Cream Tart
Nutella Crème Brulée
served with a biscotti
Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie
topped with sweet cream
Fresh Fruit Sorbet or Ice Cream
served with a biscotti
Dessert Sampler for $12
profiteroles, tres leches & chocolate mousse

Dessert Wines & Lambics
Michele Chiarlo, Moscato Di Asti (3oz) 10
Equifera Ice Wine(3 oz) 10
Lindemans Framboise (12oz) 11
Lindemans Pomme (12oz) 11
Lindemans Peche (12oz) 11

Port & Fortified Wine
Madeira Reserve 5yr 6
Graham “Six Grapes” 7
Quinta do Crasto LBV 2000 9
Taylor Fladgate 10yr Tawny 10
Taylor Fladgate 20yr Tawny 15
Pineau des Charentes 8

Candolini 10

3 for 15/ 5 for 20/ 7 for 25
with honeyed walnuts, fresh fruit, seasonal jam & toast points
Point Reyes Blue
A dense fudgy texture, sweet, fresh milk with medium-to-strong punch of blue flavor. Made from raw cow’s milk.
California, USA
Firm texture, beginning notes of nut oil, spring onions & fried leeks with a strong savory back-bone. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk.
Beato De Tabara
Creamy & smooth texture, sweet yet goaty, earthy & bright. Made from pasteurized goat’s milk.
Moses Sleeper
Brie-style cheese, flavors range from cauliflower, crème fraiche & toasted nuts to hay & butter with a clean finish. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk.
Vermont, USA
Tickler Cheddar
Moist & crumbly, sharp all the way through, with an underlying, milky sweetness on the finish. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk.
Devon, UK
Weinkase Lagrein
Soaked in Lagrein wine with added herbs, garlic & pepper for 5 days. The flavor is mild but with an unusual meatiness, aromatic & herby, with a distinct garlicky flavor & spicy bite at the purple rind. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk.
Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy
Bailey’s Irish Crème
Bailey’s Irish Crème
Godiva Mocha
Lazzaroni Amaretto
Meletti Sambuca
Luxardo Limoncello
Licor 43
Tia Maria
Fernet Branca
Grand Marnier
Harvey’s Bristol Cream
Suze Branca Menta
Varnelli L’Anice Secco
Montinegro Amaro

Delamain Cognac 10
Pierre Ferrand 1er Cru Cognac 12
Sempe VSOP Armagnac 10
Larressingle VSOP Armangnac 10
Gran Duque Dalba 9
Vieux Marc de Bourgogne 10
Casa Noble Blanco 10
Correlajo Reposado 3x Distilled 11
Milagro Silver 8
Casa Noble Reposado 11
Tres Generacion Anejo 11
Don Julio 1942 20
Casa Noble Anejo 15
Laphroaig 10 11
Laphroaig Quarter Cask 13
Laphroaig 18 20
Compass Box Orangerie 12
Compass Box Spice Tree 12
Compass Box Peat Monster 12
Compass Box Hedonism 16
Macallan 18 20
Bunnababhain 78 25
Johnnie Walker Double Black 12
Johnnie Walker Gold 15
Johnnie Walker Blue 35
Johnnie Walker Blue George V 75 75
Glenlivet 12 9
Glenlivet 16 Nadurra 16
Glenfiddich 15 12
Glenfiddich 18 15
Glenmorangie Sauternes Cask 12
Glenmorangie Port Cask 12
Glenmorangie Sherry Cask 12
Oban 14 14
Balvenie 15 12
Balvenie 21 20
Basil Hayden 9
Bulleit Bourbon 8
Buffalo Trace 8
Elijah Craig 20 Year Old 25
Woodford Reserve 9
Bulleit Rye 8
Hudson Manhattan Rye 16
Whistle Pig The Boss Hog 20
AH Hirsch 28yr. 25
Hudson Baby 16
Hudson Four Grain 16
Jefferson’s Pres. Select 18 Years 25
King’s County 12